Human/Animal Bites



Human Bite

Thorough irrigation is important. 

Antibiotic prophylaxis is advised.

Assess risk of tetanus, rabies, blood borne viruses e.g., HIV, hepatitis B/C.

Cat Bite

Always give prophylaxis

Dog Bite

Give prophylaxis if: puncture wound; bite to hand, foot, face, joint, tendon, or ligament; immunocompromised; cirrhotic; asplenic; or presence of prosthetic valve/joint


625mg 3 x daily

child dose

For 7 days

Penicillin allergic


(not suitable for those under 12 years - contact microbiology for advice on alternative options)


100mg 2 x daily

For 7 days - review all bites at 24 and 48 hours as not all pathogens are covered.

PLUS Metronidazole

400mg 3 x daily 

For 7 days

(see comment above)