Varicella zoster/chicken pox - Herpes zoster / shingles

Varicella zoster/chicken pox


Herpes zoster / shingles


Pregnant/immunocompromised/neonate: seek urgent specialist advice.

Chicken pox: IF onset of rash <24hrs & >14 years or severe pain or dense/oral rash or 2 degree household case or steroids or smoker, consider aciclovir.

Shingles: treat if >50 years and within 72 hrs of rash (PHN rare if ​<50 years); or if active ophthalmic or Ramsey Hunt or eczema.

If indicatedaciclovir

800mg five times a day

7 days

Second line for shingles if compliance a problem, as ten times cost


1g TDS

7 days

or famciclovir

500mg TDS or 750mg BD

7 days